Fall in love again...and again

Whether you’re a dedicated romance reader, or just looking for a little diversion on vacation, there’s nothing quite like a love story. The sweet thrill of those first moments of chemistry. The excitement as attraction turns to lust. The heady days of new love. You can relive each moment in the pages of a good book…

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falling for flynn

In the high-stakes world of professional polo, Flynn Coltan rules the field. But when it comes to love, his heart is out of bounds. Until a feisty flame-haired filly decides to cross the line… 
She’s the fire to my ice. The hot to my cold. She’s impulsive in the face of my control.
And I don’t like it one damn bit!
I haven’t spent my life keeping a firm rein on my world, only to have some wild redhead gallop in and wreck it all. Sure, there’s a spark there…who wouldn’t want to get their hands on all that? But I don’t like complications, and if I’d wanted chemistry, I’d have stayed in college. Gabrielle Carter can warm my bed for a while…but I’m not letting her melt my heart.

Flynn Coltan? That man is a Grade A jerk. And if he thinks he can fool me with that holier than thou act of his, he’s got another thing coming. I can see the way he looks at me. But I’m not going to fall for that ‘brooding untouchable’ game he’s got going on. I’ll admit, I wear my heart on my sleeve…I can’t help it. And I don’t plan to change – even if those eyes make my knees weak, and that body…
No! Just no.
I’m an all or nothing girl, and if he blows it, he can leave with nothing.

This is an equestrian-themed sports romance – no cowboys, but plenty of supersexy horsemen!
Steamy adult romance.

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