Loving Tyson

I just uploaded the second book in my Working Class Billionaire series and you’d be amazed at how hard it was to hit that ‘Publish’ button! Last week, I spoke to an author who described writing a book as being like giving birth to a child. Months of carrying that developing bundle of life, and then bringing it into the world. Then praying that the world is kind…

I’m not sure I can entirely relate to the pregnancy side of the analogy, but I certainly feel a strong connection to my work. And I love my characters as much as if they were real people. My family would probably say I get obsessed when I’m writing. I’m distracted, I don’t sleep, I get cranky if my train of thought is interrupted. It’s safest to just leave me alone till I’m done. And sometimes I don’t want to be done, because I’m having too much fun with the little universe I’ve created, and the people who live in it.

That was certainly the case with Tyson. He’s just the perfect guy for Cassie…and if I’m honest, there’s a little of me in her. While Tyson has overcome the challenges of his youth by becoming stronger and more confident, Cassie let them consume her. That doesn’t mean she’s a pushover. She’s smart, funny, great at her job, has friends who love her…in most respects she’s really ‘together’. But when it comes to believing she deserves to be loved? Well, there she falls short. To the extent that she pretty much dooms her relationships. I think she reflects a lot of women, actually.

Too many of us go through life thinking we need to fit into some sort of mold if we want to be worthy of a grand romance. Or even a simple one. We’re often so busy trying to look like a cover model that we don’t take a minute to look in the mirror and see our own beauty reflected there. Too busy trying to see someone else, perhaps. It would be great to say that all we need is someone who could prove that we’re worthy. But ultimately that responsibility rests within us. Sometimes we need a kick in the pants to get there. In Cassie’s case, it took a cage fighter!

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